Soup of the Day  £2.50tomato soup



Asian Platter £5.00

Vegetable spring rolls vegetable

Samosa & mango chutney, onion

bhaji, stuffed jalapenos served with chilli sauce

And chives.


Salmon & Crab Fishcakes £3.50Crabcakes

With salad and tartar sauce


Chicken Platter £5.00

Buffalo chicken wings, satay chicken, battered

Chicken breast pieces in a spicy buffalo sauce,

Served with onion rings and spicy salsa.


Chilli Prawns £5.00

Sautéed prawns basted in hot chilli sauce with

Spicy rice served with roasted corn and black bean



Ribs and Wings £12.00

Half rack of BBQ pork ribs and char-grilled wings

Basted with chilli sauce


Mexican Fajitas £8.00

A sizzling skillet of sautéed peppers and onions

With chicken filing, served with guacamole,

Sour cream and fresh salsa with warm tortillas.

Penne Pasta £6.00Penne pasta

With Grilled Aubergine, Garlic, Chilli,

Basil &Mozzarella in Tomato Sauce




Poached Salmon £6.00Poached Salmon

With Baby Vegetables, Saffron

New Potatoes




Sirloin Steak £12.0020160318_140707

With Portobello Mushrooms marinated in chilli,

Garlic and coriander, chunky chips with peppercorn



Fish and Chips £6.00

With minty Peas and Tartar Sauce


Chickpea, Spinach &  Sweet Potato Curry £5.00

With Rice, Crispy Onions and Poppadum’s


Cajun Grilled Chicken £7.00

With Grilled Vegetables & Chunky

Chips served With Chipotle Sauce


Jerk Chicken £7.0020160318_140744

With peas, rice and plantain





Lamb Cutlets £8.0020160318_140401

With a Lemon & Feta Topping, served

With Baby Vegetables and Chunky Chips




Stewed Tilapia or Seabass £8.0020160318_140615

Served with spicy rice and roasted vegetables


Chicken, Prawn & Chorizo Paella £7.00


Chicken Madras & Rice £7.00chicken madras

Served with Poppadum’s


Spicy Salsa Burger £6.00

With chips, fresh salsa, jalapenos and                  



Grilled chicken Served with  £8.00

coleslaw, corn on the cob and fries

Or spicy rice


Mexican Fajitas £8.00

A sizzling skillet of sautéed peppers and onions

With chicken filling served guacamole, sour cream

and Fresh salsa with warm tortillas.


Egg Fried Rice with Black Bean Sauce £8.00

Served with stir fried vegetables


Chicken Szechuan £8.00

Chicken Nuggets, Fries, £3.00

Baked Beans & Peas 


Fish Fingers, Fries & £3.00

Baked Beans 


Sausages & Mash with £3.00

Baked Beans


Pasta with Cheese Sauce £3.00


Cheese Burger & Fries £3.00


Cheese Omelette, Fries & £3.00

Baked Beans


Spaghetti Bolognese £3.00

Coconut Panna Cotta £3.00Coconut pannacotta with passion fruit

With Almond Tulie


Crème Caramel with Poached Fruits £3.00


Mixed Berry Cheesecake £3.00


Warm apple Tart with Cinnamon Ice Cream £3.00


Hot chocolate Fondant £3.00chocolate fondant with ice cream

And Vanilla Ice cream                          


Selection of Ice Cream £2.50


Casilero Diablo£5.50£22.00
Cabernet Sauvignon£5.00£17.00
Felion Noir Grenache£5.00£17.00



Gabbia D Oro Soave£5.00£17.00
Casilero Sauvignon Blanc£5.00£17.00



Bollinger N.V Brut£8.00£55.00
Cremant de Limoux Rose£8.00£55.00



Old Fashioned £7.50
Mojito £7.50
Margarita £7.50
Mimosa £7.50
Cosmopolitan £7.50
LIIT £7.50
Tom Collins £7.50



Peroni £3.00
Corona £3.00
Becks £3.00
Stella £3.00



Jack Daniels £5.50
 Courvoisier £5.50
 Smirnoff Vodka £5.50
 Gordons Gin £5.50
 Barcardi White Rum £5.50



 Diet Coke £2.00 
 Lemonade £2.00
 Tonic £2.00
 Apple Juice £2.00
 Orange Juice £2.00
 Red Bull £2.00



 Hot Chocolate £2.50
 Cappuccino £2.50
 Coffee £2.50
 Latte £2.50
 Herbal Tea £2.50
 Tea £2.00